About Us

Britten & James is a family owned British business.  We are known for our very high quality pet foods, pet treats and wild bird feeds.  Our products are used in private homes and by zoos, animal rescue centres, professional breeders and collectors and conservation organisations throughout Europe, so you can definitely trust Britten & James feeds and treats.  They are safe and nutritionally balanced.

We also have a widely respected range of professional quality products for the discerning gardener including seed trays, gravel trays and biodegradable pots.  We perfected these items for professional growers so you can be completely confident that they will perform well in your own garden.

Our products for your home include airtight storage jars, no-drill bathroom and kitchen fitments, fitted kitchen inserts and other items.  Every product is well made, practical and durable.   

Britten & James is a registered trademark in the UK and EU. It must not be used without our prior written consent.