All in One No Mess wild bird seed with mealworms. 5 Litre Tub.

Britten & James
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  • Britten & James® All in One Premium High Protein No Mess wild bird seed WITH ADDED MEALWORMS is an exceptionally high quality wild bird food. In a convenient stay-fresh 5 Litre tub. Gives birds an extra boost during critical periods.
  • Feed freely in winter and throughout the breeding season. 100% natural high energy food with no waste.Husks have been removed, so you are only paying for edible contents and there is much less mess around your feeding area. Suitable for seed feeders, bird tables and ground feeding.
  • Appreciated by goldfinches, bullfinches, nuthatches, robins, tits, blackbirds, sparrows, woodpeckers, brambling and other birds.
  • Recommended by Britain's leading wild bird organisation The British Trust for Ornothology.
  • Packed in the UK by Britten & James®