Multiuse Tray 80cm Square 80 x 80 x 12cm

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80cm Square Multi-use Tray (80 x 80 x 12cm)

This strong, hard-wearing tray can be used for a wide variety of jobs around the house, garage and garden. Dimensions: 80cm x 80cm x 12cm with an internal capacity of 76.8 litres. Made from recycled polypropylene.

In the home:

  • as a deep oven cleaning tray - large enough to hold BBQ and oven racks and grills
  • as an indoor or outdoor children’s play tray – holding sand, water or toys
  • as a wellington and muddy boot tray
  • as a litter tray for pets

In the garden and greenhouse:

  • to hold plant pots and seed trays - a series of shallow ridges on the inside of the base improve drainage
  • makes an excellent gravel tray for plant pots
  • can be used to hold seed trays or used with capillary matting to provide bottom watering
  • popular with hypdroponic and aquaponic growers, and used by garden centres as a display tray

In the garage:

  • can be placed under vehicles to collect oil drips or be used during other vehicle maintenance.


Other size supertrays are also available.