Animal News -  December 2023

Posted by Britten & James on 18th Dec 2023

Animal News - December 2023


Reindeer do NOT like glitter!  Please don't put 'reindeer food' out that can harm our wildlife.  If you're thinking of putting food out for Santa's reindeer this year, use this great reindeer-food recipe from the RSPCA, or use some of our wild bird food to help wildlife at the same time. Please make sure to put any food safely above ground level so it doesn't harm hedgehogs


Keep feeding garden birds in wintertime! It not only keeps them alive through the winter, but could make them more resilient to infection (but remember to keep your feeding area nice and clean) ✨


Hedgehog rescues are being inundated with little hedgehogs, too little to make it through winter. How do you know if hedgehogs are big enough?  Hedgehog advice from Gay Christie of Hessilhead Wildlife Centre; if you see small hedgehogs under 700gms take them to your local rescue. They will need expert help to get through winter. ❄️

If you have hedgehogs in your garden, remember to give them good meaty food like this, which is specially formulated with the right ratios of calcium and phosphorus, and contains a whole host of beneficial nutrients for hedgehogs.

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How amazing are birds?  Human honey-hunters and wild honeyguide birds help each other to find honey, and research shows that the birds prefer local honey-hunters' calls.

In another example of humans and birds cooperating, we offer high quality food for your pet birds, and free UK delivery, and 15% off our wild bird food when you buy 2 or more.

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Are you a dog person or a cat person? This recent study of cats and dogs - and pointing - demonstrated fabulously why we love both of them!

To treat your cats and dogs, as a reward, to sneak some extra nutrients into their diet, or to help with calming them, skin conditions, bad breath, dental care, digestive issues or immune support, you have a great choice here.

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 Huge congratulations to Chester Zoo, on the successful hatching of 2 extremely rare Mitchell's lorikeet chicks! Fabulous news for this endangered bird

To help your pet birds' healthy growth of bones and feathers, and to aid digestion, treat them to the finest quality oyster shell grit.

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 And finally... Jonathan the giant tortoise recently made the Guinness world records as the oldest living land animal, at 191 years old!

If you have a pet tortoise, or any amphibians and are looking for a healthy treat for them, we'd recommend some lovely natural cuttlefish pieces, or calci dust supplement.