Premium Suet Pellets WITH BERRIES. 3 Litre Tub

Britten & James
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Unfortunately, due to the current export restrictions, we are unable to ship this product outside of the UK. We are working to remedy this, as soon as possible, so please check back for updates.


  • Our Suet pellets with Berries are very high in energy and very easily digestible which makes them ideal for both young and adult birds.
  • Pellets with berries provide additional vitamin C which promotes growth, adrenal gland function, is an antioxidant and helps build up the immune system.
  • Attracts goldfinches, bullfinches, nuthatches, robins, tits, blackbirds, sparrows, woodpeckers, brambling and many other species.
  • Supplied in a convenient 3 litre stay-fresh resealable tub which avoids wastage.