5 Easy Ways to Help Wild Birds

Posted by Britten & James on 22nd Feb 2023

5 Easy Ways to Help Wild Birds

At this time of year it can be tough for wild birds to find enough food. They need energy to survive, and to get ready for the nesting and breeding season.  
Here are 5 easy ways you can help them: -

1. High Energy Food
Sunflower seeds, mealworm and suet are ideal energy boosts for birds.  We recommend these wild bird foods for their high energy content, nutritional balance and appeal to birds: -
Spring and Summer Wild Bird Seed Mix - a seed mix with sunflower seeds, mealworm and suet, and nutrients needed for egg production and growth
Sunflower Seeds with Mealworms - a 'no mess', high energy mix of 2 energy-boosting ingredients
High Energy No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix - a 'no mess', high energy seed mix including sunflower hearts and suet 
Niger Seed with Mealworms - an energy rich food designed for smaller birds 
Fat Balls & Suet - high quality suet, easily digestible energy, attracts a range of birds and can cope with frost

2. Clean, Fresh Water
Birds need water too! Please remember to provide fresh water for them, and consider adding a bird bath to your garden to help them keep clean and healthy. Safety is really important, so ensure the bird bath has shallow sloping sides, a rough surface that birds can grip easily, and is positioned where birds will feel safe using it.

3. Nestboxes
Want to attract more birds to your garden? Consider adding a nestbox to provide a cosy home for them to nest and fledge. Think about the birds that you'd like to home, or the birds that you see in your local area. Research what nestbox that bird species prefers and where they prefer it located, or they will not use it.  

4. Gardening
Native plants, trees, shrubs and flowers provide a natural source of food and cover for birds. Avoid chemicals and opt for natural pest control methods to create a healthier habitat for your feathered friends, and for you too.

5. Awareness
Did you know that 70 of the bird species we're used to seeing in the UK are on the conservation concern red list? Sharing this information with your friends and neighbours might lead more people to take these 5 easy steps too. That would be a fantastic help for wild birds, and really help them to thrive.

*For more information on British birds, gardening and plants check out the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the British Trust for Ornithology, the Royal Horticultural Society and Gardeners World.

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