Hamster and Gerbil Food Mix 1.5kg

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  • A deluxe mix of dried fruit, seeds, nuts and pulses 
  • Wholesome, high-quality ingredients to help your pets stay active and healthy
  • A varied blend designed with your pets' physical and mental well-being in mind
  • Packed full of the natural treats that they love
  • Helps to wear down their fast growing teeth
  • Great value!
  • Provided in a 'Stay Fresh' 3L resealable and reusable tub

Hamsters and gerbils are active little creatures that enjoy exploring and can be very lively. Give your pets the nutrients they need to stay active with this tasty, complementary feed, an excellent combination of proteins, oils, vitamins and fibre.

This is a great mix of high-quality ingredients that your pets will love eating, will keep their teeth trim, and will help to keep them healthy. Banana, pineapple, seeds, nuts and pulses make a delicious combination and are full of wholesome goodness. Top tip: to enrich their environment, scatter a little of their dry food in their cage/gerbilarium for them to find.  They love the search, and will benefit from the mental and physical stimulation involved in seeking it out.

The recommended daily food intake for adult hamsters and gerbils can vary depending on the species, age, health and activity levels. We suggest a general guide of between 5 - 9 grams of this deluxe food per day for an adult hamster; adjust according to your pet's individual needs. It is always best to consult with a vet to get a specific recommendation for your pet.

Supplement this dry food with small amounts of cleaned fresh fruit (not citrus as the high acidity can cause digestive issues for your pets, and not grapes or rhubarb as they can be poisonous for them), vegetables/herbs, and feeding hay.  Give fresh food in moderation, and check their habitat daily as hamsters and gerbils are both hoarders! Fresh food hoarded instead of eaten will go mouldy and could make your pet poorly.

Always make sure that clean, fresh water is available for your pets!

Here is the latest advice on hamster nutrition from The National Hamster Council and gerbil nutrition from the RSPCA 

If you are a new hamster or gerbil owner, we recommend reading this advice from the RSPCA for hamsters and for gerbils; make sure you know everything you need to give your little pets a good life.