Premium Giant Suet Dumplings for Birds 25 + 5 FREE

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  • 25 plus 5 FREE
  • Energy boost for wild birds
  • High quality ingredients
  • Nutritionally superior to fat balls
  • All year-round food, even during hard frost
  • Attracts a wide range of birds
  • Comes in 5l resealable tub to keep them fresh


25 + 5 FREE. Give visiting birds a delicious energy boost with our premium giant suet dumplings, made to a unique and fully tested recipe and nutritionally superior to fat balls.

The only ingredients are suet, cereals and seeds. Many low quality alternatives use bulking materials such as sand and waste products, which have no nutritional value.

The key ingredient in suet dumplings is obviously suet. Suet is pure refined animal or vegetable fat and is one of the most concentrated and easily metabolised energy foods for wild birds. It provides instant vigour, and the birds love it. It's a superb all-year-round food, and can even cope with hard frost.

Attracts goldfinches, bullfinches, nuthatches, robins, tits, blackbirds, sparrows, woodpeckers, brambling and many other species. Composition: beef suet, wheat flour, linseed, rapeseed, milletseed, peanut. Additives: berry flavour, colour-red Analytical constituents: protein 8.7%, oil and fats 28.3%, crube fibre 3.4%, crude ash 0.8%. Supplied in a convenient stay-fresh, no mess resealable tub.

Suet dumplings should be fed in addition to other foods - they provide much needed energy for the birds and are an acceptable substitute for insect protein, which is lacking from a wild bird's diet in winter. Fledglings in particular need insect protein for healthy growth and development, so it is important to continue feeding suet dumplings all year round.